IWPG Online Seminar Themed “Peace is Created through the Role of Media, Communication & Law”


IWPG has held an International Streaming online seminar (webinar) with the theme “Peace is created through the role of media, communication and law” on 5 July 2022. This webinar through Zoom aims to study the current situation and think about possible ways to realize peace for all people in the world, especially Indonesia.

Because the media play an important role in the creation of peace and the cessation of war, the event was attended especially by journalists and editors from various print and online media, leaders and activists from various NGO organizations, as well as IWPG members. This seminar will later be conveyed to the Head of Women's Organization/Leadership of the University as well as peacemakers so that this information can be followed up on to all female members.

As a moderator is Dr. Ir. Sri Suwartiningsih, M.Si as Lecturer and Head of Center for Peace Studies/Indonesia from Satya Wacana Christian University, Salatiga. 

The event started with the introduction of IWPG by Mrs. Go Eunyoung as a representative from Korea giving a speech.

The presentation of the seminar material was delivered by Theofransus L. A. Litaay, SH, LLM, Ph.D, founder of the Center for Peace Studies/Indonesia from Satya Wacana Christian University Salatiga and  Achmad Wahyudi, Director and Editor-in-Chief of Lima detik Media (limadetik.com).

Theofransus said,  “To be able to create peace in the context of an already occurring conflict, it was necessary to identify the conflict factors through in-depth studies through in-depth research to be able to quickly anticipate the escalation of the existing conflict factors”.

He also added that, “the correct interpretation of conflict is also needed so that communication can be maintained and in the end conflict can be suppressed even if it can be eliminated.” Theofransus concluded that “I hope there will be strengthening of legal regulations, strengthening of legal culture as well as strengthening of the sociology of law and related laws. Likewise, professional, credible and responsible media.” 

Achmad Wahyudi, who is also the head of the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Union (SMSI), conveyed that, “The important role of the media is to encourage all elements of the nation to immediately take action to stop, divide, war and so on with a sense of justice and peace being very important.” He also invited media colleagues to take part together with this extraordinary organization IWPG to promote peace, contribute to creating peace. 

The highest appreciation goes to the IWPG who has moved to speak out loud to world organizations such as the United Nations so that certain incidents or wars are immediately stopped, it is also the responsibility of the media actors. 

About IWPG

International Women's Peace Group (IWPG) is an international peace organization with special consultative status on the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC). There are more than 100 branches spread across 130 countries with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. IWPG works internationally with a motherly heart to achieve peace that transcends nationality, ethnicity and religion.(Abdi/red)

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